It is with heavy hearts we honor the passing of Bella the Dog 10/26/2011. Eight years ago, the white stray canine wandered into our habitat and befriended The Sanctuary’s founding elephant, Tarra. The inseparable friends were incredible in their devotion to each other and the story of their unique bond has been shared around the world. Visit Bella’s Tribute page.

We love and miss you, Bella, and will continue to take care of your friend Tarra.


Tarra & Bella by Carol Buckley

In January 2009, the story about the unique and enduring friendship between The Elephant Sanctuary inspiration and first resident Tarra, a 35-year-old Asian elephant and Bella, a rescued mixed-breed dog became a media sensation around the world.

The story of these two Sanctuary best friends was first broadcast on CBS News, and was then featured on newscasts, and internet sites around the world.

In Carol Buckley's third picture book, she tells the story of how these two very different animals formed an unlikely yet indelible bond. Readers of all ages will find Tarra and Bella to be truly an inspiration to us all. "BFFs . . . the interspecies friendship that has moved millions." —People Magazine Product

Reading level: Grades 3-6
Hardcover, 32 pages, Full Color
Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons

Tarra & Bella Book by Carol Buckley, $17


Tarra & Bella : DVD

This DVD features some never-before-seen footage of Tarra & Bella's daily life together at the Sanctuary.

An unlikely, yet loyal friendship between an elephant and dog that will forever inspire us all. Includes bonus features of Tarra playing!

Approx. 11 minutes

Tarra & Bella DVD, $15


Tarra & Bella T-shirts in Unisex sizes

We had several requests for unisex sizes in the Tarra & Bella t-shirt. Tarra & Bella were devoted friends.

Sadly in October 2011 Bella, Tarra's canine friend, passed away. We continue to celebrate their special relationship. This shirt comes in pistachio in sizes up to XXXL!

100% Cotton

Tarra & Bella Unisex T-shirt, $20


Tarra & Bella Tote Bag

100% beige cotton tote bag with a full color photo of Tarra & Bella.

The straps are approx. 10" and the bag is 14" X 19".

This bag is created by The Cloth Bag Company Atlanta, GA. Made in the USA.

Tarra & Bella Tote Bag, $15


Tarra & Bella Mouse Pad

This dynamic duo is now gracing the front of a new mouse pad.

Deluxe version has Tarra's signature!

8" X 8.75"


Available in two versions:

Tarra & Bella Mouse Pad, $10
Tarra & Bella Mouse Pad with Tarra's signature, $25


Tarra & Bella Mug

Share your coffee with a friend in this beautiful new mug, and be inspired by the story of Tarra & Bella's unlikely friendship.

12 ozs. Dishwasher safe.

Tarra & Bella Mug, $10


Tarra & Bella Holiday Cards

Our newest holiday card features Tarra & Bella sharing a peaceful moment.

12 high quality, full color boxed cards.

Inside message: Peace to All Creatures Great and Small

Tarra & Bella Holiday Cards, $20


Tarra & Bella Poster

Bella, relaxing while Tarra browses the fresh green grasses of summer.

This close up makes a gorgeous 11 X 14 poster.

Look for other posters of our Girls now available.

Tarra & Bella Poster, $10


Tarra & Bella Poster

Tarra & Bella were always exploring new places in the habitat. This 11 X 14 photo quality poster shows them walking on a path to new adventures. Perfect for framing.

This is one of 12 new posters available on our site. Each elephant is represented alone or in a group. Our collage poster features all 24 elephants that have called the Sanctuary home.

Tarra & Bella Poster, $10


Tarra & Bella Refrigerator Magnet

NEW-Full-color photographic magnet of Tarra & Bella out in the habitat with The Elephant Sanctuary logo included.

2 1/2 inches X 3 1/2 inches

Tarra & Bella Magnet, $3