40 Reasons We Love Nosey

Today, we are celebrating Nosey's 40th birthday on the anniversary of her 2017 arrival at The Sanctuary! In preparation, we invited donors, supporters, and staff to share their sentiments on why they admire Nosey. The goal was to gather 40 reasons she is loved for her 40th birthday; it was no surprise that Nosey's many fans provided more than 40!

For Nosey's special day, Care Staff threw a fall-themed celebration, complete with a giant bamboo "40" and an enrichment toy decorated like a candy corn (this enrichment device was provided by a donor via The Sanctuary's Wish List). Caregiver Summer Z. baked two vegan cakes — one elephant version for Nosey and one human version for Staff (the humans got frosting). Pumpkins, oranges, carrots, pear browse, and hay were scattered all around, and while Nosey was eating all the treats, she closed her eyes at one point in true delight. Her devoted Asia Barn Caregivers then shared their wishes for Nosey and her years to come!

Nosey's biggest fans also sent in their birthday wishes and reasons for loving Nosey, noting a love for her curiosity, intelligence, eagerness to learn, and playfulness — and of course, her beautiful, long eyelashes. Nosey's bravery and apparent joy is inspiring to supporters across the globe. If Nosey inspires you, you can give to our ongoing Year End Campaign today in her honor!

Read the birthday wishes and "Reasons We Love Nosey" below:

Nosey is my favorite elephant in the entire world! A symbol of all that is still good in the animal kingdom.
Patricia Finkbiner, Texas, Sustaining Donor

My students and I LOVE Nosey because she is so unique! She is an African elephant who hangs out with an Asian elephant (Sissy) — we think that's very cool! We know Nosey is loved and cared for at The Elephant Sanctuary. Love, Mrs. Rossi's 4th Graders
Colleen Rossi, New Jersey, Distance Learning Teacher

Nosey is goofy, playful, sweet with staff and Sissy, loves firehose baths, has long eyelashes, is easygoing, adventurous, very smart, and beautiful!
Hannah K., Asia Barn Caregiver at The Sanctuary

Sweet Nosey is turning 40!! Wow! I am so happy that she gets to live out her days in peace.
Diana Brown, Indiana, Sustaining Donor

For 37 years Nosey suffered a terrible life and bore it with pride and dignity. Thousands of people all over the world fought for her for years...Nosey and her miracle in Moulton will always live within my heart. No animal should suffer as she did. Happy birthday to Nosey!
Joan Spievak, Connecticut, Shirley's Legacy Society Member

I love Nosey for her perseverance, resilience and bravery despite all the adversity she’s had to face! What an amazing spirit!
Kristen Pilarski, Virginia, EleAmbassador

I love Nosey because she has so much life in her, her energy, and how playful she is. It's amazing to see how far she has come in her trust and cooperation with staff, going swimming in the pond and seeking out attention from Sissy. We are so excited to provide more social opportunities for Nosey in the very near future as we love how social she is.
Kristy E., Senior Manager of Elephant Care at The Sanctuary

Happy, happy birthday, Nosey! I admire your beauty, your intelligence, your memory, and your size (I bet nobody calls you fat.). I am so happy you are safe and well-cared for and free to roam.
Claudia Cabaniss, Texas, Sustaining Donor

Things we love about Nosey: Those ears of hers! She is 100% pachyderm perfection; her gentle yet playful personality; she has peaceful and positive energy about her. You can sense how happy she is at The Sanctuary. Although we love all the elephants at the sanctuary, there was something special about Nosey that made her stand out to and be chosen our first "elephant adoption" for our Veterinary Assistant Program bottle drive. We adore Nosey! Happy Birthday!
Kate Robertson & Vet Assistant Program Distance Learning Students, British Columbia, Canada

I love Nosey for her BIG personality! Though small in stature, her energy and personality are larger than life! She truly is present in every moment. I love Nosey because she is simply joy! I love that Nosey is so engaging, yet independent at the same time.
Sarah F., Asia Barn Lead Caregiver at The Sanctuary

I want to wish Nosey Happy 40th Birthday; what I admire about her is her resilience and how she has “bloomed” at The Sanctuary.
Martha Wetter, Kentucky, Sustaining Donor

I love Nosey because she is so playful with the firehose. She dives in, throwing herself down on the ground as she wallows whole-heartedly to get the most out of the wet, mucky, mud. While icky to me, it’s obviously paradise on earth for her. 
Anne Z., Revenue Processor at The Sanctuary

Nosey gives me hope that lives can change for the better.
Lori DuVall-Jackson, New York, EleAmbassador

What I have noticed about Nosey is: She seems very thoughtful and methodical about how she chooses to fall trees, and it is adorable how she flaps her ears after succeeding. She wiggles her legs in the air while enjoying getting her belly hosed off, and almost seems to try and show where she wants to be hosed off by throwing muddy water on herself. A red hue along the bottom of her ears that is best admired in the sun. She is still willing to trust and cooperate with her human caretakers after a lifetime of abuse. She acts like her eyes are on the end of her trunk rather than up in her head. Before starting her mud bath, it looked like she paused to strategically plan out how she wanted to bathe herself. While Nosey has every right to be fearful of everything and everyone, you can see that she is cautious but determined to enjoy her life and new experiences at The Sanctuary.
Kate Robertson & Vet Assistant Program Distance Learning Students, British Columbia, Canada

My birthday, November 9, is the same as Nosey! What a wonderful surprise.
Martin Vago, California, Sustaining Donor

I love Nosey for so many reasons! But mostly, I love her because I have gotten to see her become an elephant. The first time she was out in the rain and the mud, spinning and squealing and running back and forth through puddles like a kid in rain boots, I stood at the door of the barn and cried. As years passed, Nosey has learned more and more about how to be an elephant. Learned to use her tusks, learned what she should and shouldn't eat, learned what other elephants smell like, sound like, how they behave and communicate. Through it all, her enthusiasm for life and her delight in the little things never wane.
Dr. Lydia Young, Veterinarian at The Sanctuary

Happy Birthday dear Nosey! I love that you get to be a happy girl, & live the rest of your life as an elephant!
So grateful for your joy! From one of your biggest fans from afar!
Tina Pirazzi, California, Sustaining Donor

I love Nosey for her unbelievable resilience and ability to still enjoy life to its fullest no matter what.
Laura Parkhurst-Woolever, Virginia, EleAmbassador

I love Nosey's playful and silly demeanor. I love Nosey's gorgeous long eyelashes and when she is sleepy and blinks slowly (making them easier to see). I love when Nosey runs and trumpets at the same time. I love seeing a new tree knocked down by Nosey in the habitat.
Summer Z., Asia Barn Caregiver at The Sanctuary

Happy 40th birthday to beautiful Nosey! What I most love about her is her amazing capacity to forgive and thrive despite what humans have put her through. I also love her curiosity about the new world around her at The Sanctuary. She has been so brave in her adjustment and explorations and I hope her future birthdays will all be happy and healthy and surrounded by her adopted herd.
Barbara Murtaugh, New Jersey, Sustaining Donor

She's silly and playful and has the best trumpeting while running noise ever. She's patient and smart, she learns everything so quickly and eagerly. I love the lazy way she lies down to get a firehose bath!
Caity M., Asia Barn Caregiver at The Sanctuary

Happy Birthday to you Nosey I am happy you love your new home!!!!
Virginia Anslinger, Sustaining Donor

I love that Nosey is so smart and spunky — she is learning how to be an elephant and she is learning how to be social but in her own spunky way.
Laura R., Education Manager at The Sanctuary

I love watching her learn to freely express herself the longer she has been at The Sanctuary, how silly she is with enrichment items and in the habitat, how she rolls around on the ground when she gets baths, and her tiny trunk! She has the smallest and most gentle trunk of all of our elephants.
Eileen K., Veterinary Services Manager at The Sanctuary

Nosey is a nice elephant, big!, healthy, smart, fun, beautiful, and courageous.
Patsy McLaughlin, Tennessee, Sustaining Donor

We invite you to leave your own birthday wish for Nosey in the comments below!

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