Artie and Sissy Interact

Recently, The Sanctuary's Maintenance Team undertook a big task, and a bit of spring cleaning, by helping to clear many fallen trees in the lower and upper areas of Asia Habitat. This effort not only facilitates the movement of Care Staff as they clean and prepare enrichment activities for the elephants but also provides newfound opportunities for companions Nosey and Sissy to explore.

Nosey, emboldened by the newly cleared trails in the lower middle section, forged new paths and even navigated to the upper middle area via a seldom-used route previously obstructed by fallen trees. Meanwhile, Sissy, while initially sticking close to the barn, gradually expanded her exploration, traversing areas that had previously posed challenges for her. Notably, she ventured out to “Sleepy Spot,” an area of her habitat she hasn’t visited for some time.

During these explorations, Staff observed a heartening development: Sissy's interaction with African male Artie, through protected barriers! During this visit to Sleepy Spot, Staff heard a few soft rumbles, and upon further investigation, witnessed Sissy allowing Artie to touch her hind end— a promising indication of her increasing comfort and acceptance of him. Over a span of nearly 20 minutes, Sissy and Artie stood in close proximity, taking advantage of the warm spring weather together. In subsequent days, Sissy chose to spend her afternoons foraging near Artie, displaying signs of calm and contentment in his presence. There are no plans at this time for the two to share space.

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