December 26, 2014

Getting to Know One Another at Q

Frieda and Liz
Frieda and Liz

Liz, Billie, and Frieda have spent the last several weeks getting to know their “new” habitat, reintroducing themselves to their former herd-mates, Minnie, Debbie, and Ronnie.

Frieda typically leaves the barn first in the morning , followed by Liz and then Billie. True to form, they’ll sometimes separate and visit different parts of their “new” habitat, but soon enough will reunite in a grand [and often loud] reunion. Debbie and Ronnie can now actually witness the origin of the ruckus they’ve been hearing for years; they’ll sometimes even share in the excitement – by squeaking, spinning in circles, flapping their ears.

All of the Girls are now spending their evenings inside the heated barns. As Liz’s nighttime stall is next to the one shared by Deb and Ron, Deb and Ron seem especially taken with her: “We’ve seen Debbie and Ronnie touching Liz all over with their trunks, just generally giving her lots of attention,” shares Caregiver Diana. “Occasionally, Frieda also ventures into that stall; she and Ronnie were trunk-touching the other morning. And then shortly thereafter, Debbie came over and did the same.”

The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee isn’t just a place where elephants go to retire: it’s also a place where old companions can get to know one another, once again.

And at Africa

Tange and Flora
Tange and Flora (left to right)

Like the Asian elephants, Tange and Flora are spending the milder winter days in favored areas of the Africa Habitat, returning to the barn in the evening as the temperature starts to lower.  Caregivers have noticed that, when they return the barn, the two Girls sometimes show signs of having laid down in the habitat (grass stains and debris stuck to their sides). Flora and Tange’s lying down –possibly even napping out in the winter sun– leads us to believe they feel safe, comfortable, maybe even a little relaxed in their Sanctuary home.

While Sanctuary elephants are no longer on exhibit, you can see a lot of the action at Q and Africa (for free!) at our live-stream video feed from the elephants’ habitat. We are currently fundraising for EleCam upgrades to enhance your view and expand our educational outreach; please consider a tax-deductible gift to our Wish List today! Sanctuary Much!


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