Edie Meets Nosey at The Sanctuary

Upon arrival at The Sanctuary, Edie easily exited her travel crate and walked into her new barn. With a confident stride, she made her way towards the onlooking Care Staff, holding her head high. After settling in, Staff carefully prepared her stalls for the night to ensure comfort. Three stalls were filled with an array of items, generously stuffed with hay, popcorn, and an assortment of produce, creating a comfortable refuge for the newest resident.

Throughout her first night, Staff observed Edie via the barn cameras, noting her calmness, composure, and apparent adaptability. The following morning, Edie found herself sharing the barn with Nosey, separated only by a buffer stall. Nosey, known for her inquisitive nature, entered the barn quietly, a first for her! The two engaged in a friendly exchange and rumble, their trunks reaching through gates to explore each other's scent. Edie tossed a few sticks towards Nosey, who quickly accepted the impromptu offerings.

Both were given access to their adjacent habitats, and seizing the opportunity, Nosey exited the barn and meandered deeper into her own space in search of hay. While Edie needed a bit more time than Nosey, she eventually made her way out to explore, taking in the sights and sounds of her new surroundings. After some time, Nosey made her way back to the fence line where Edie stood, and the reunion was marked by an immediate connection. With trunks reaching out for tender touches and sniffs, Nosey, in a gesture of trust, turned around, presenting her back end to Edie as they both took the time to greet each other. The camaraderie between the two elephants blossomed, leading to a session of playful sparring over fence lines for some time before the pair went on their separate way.

The introduction of Edie to The Sanctuary proved to be a heartwarming experience, filled with moments of curiosity and trust. We look forward to updating our followers as Edie continues to explore Sanctuary.

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