First Annual Christmas Tree Collection

Special thanks to all those who donated to their Christmas trees to the elephants.

The Elephant Sanctuary’s first annual Christmas Tree Collection received an amazing response. Individual and corporate supporters across Middle Tennessee and North Alabama traveled to The Sanctuary’s Elephant Discovery Center to drop off their used trees and learn more about the elephants in residence. The Discovery Center hosted several new supporters who received their first introduction to The Sanctuary's work and mission via live-streaming EleCam views and an informational video that educates and inspires.

Meanwhile, inside the habitat, the elephants got to enjoy the seasonal enrichment items gifted to them.

Sissy, Winkie

The Christmas Tree Collection Program was designed to offer the elephants more variety in their diet while also allowing more people to connect with the elephants. We look forward to hosting it again next year!

Several news stories were written about the collection, which can be seen by visiting the links below:

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