January 18, 2010

This week the weather did a 180 and we were back to basking in the sun and soaking up the warm temperatures. Not only do the girls get to take naps in the sunshine and get silly in that spring fever kind of way, but it also allows them more freedom. These girls are quick to wander further and stay out later when it is warm.  

The first warm day, Sis and Winks went down Lake Road and stayed in a cute little sunny spot just before the woods leading to the hill that goes down to the lake. It was full of trees and brush that hadn't been snacked on for months, so they enjoyed their food, then got to lie down on the new little blades of grass that are shooting up. Dulary and Misty have been wandering off; you will see one of them lying down while the other is nowhere in sight. Since we do not want to disturb them while one of them is napping, we are not quite sure exactly where they are ending up—(somewhere way back in Delhi’s Yard), but they spend the chunk of an afternoon away and are always happy to return to their sisters later in the day.    

Shirley and Tarra have not only wandered into the woods down North Road and past all of their favorite winter spots, but they’ve also been lucky enough to be able to spend the night out.  Both warm nights there were two piles of manure in their two stalls, but that was it. They slept in the woods on a bed of warm leaves and pine needles that are covering the ground——under the stars. Not only do they sleep better outside, but it helps them avoid that cooped-up feeling they can get when they are indoors for longer periods. Lately it has been a pretty mild winter, allowing the girls to spend time outside almost every day, and even nights here and there. It’s wonderful for them!

Tange and Flora are also now enjoying the sunshine and warmer weather in the hills around the African barn. The girls are taking advantage of this as they have been in and around the barn for weeks now. Today after breakfast, they disappeared until noon, later showing up at the barn for a drink of water. The caregiver took some hay into the Western Plains and the girls followed with no hesitation. With the nights still being a little bit chilly, the barn is opened and they have the choice to be either in the barn or spend their nights outside.

For the Divas it was water, water, everywhere! With the ample rain and unseasonably mild temps, the girls have been indulging in a bit of Ele-spa activities. Yesterday, Lottie came back to the barn SO covered in mud, she looked like a red-dirt alien. It even clung to her characteristically long eyelashes. She had obviously had a lovely time getting grubby, and just smiled her sweetest smile when a caregiver commented on what a thorough job she’d done in making sure nearly every square inch was covered from trunk to tail.

Today seemed even warmer despite the almost continuous rainfall, but the ladies didn’t seem to mind a bit. They all came back covered in mud this afternoon, Debbie gladly strolling back to the barn for afternoon feed, Ronnie close behind with her "happy girl back and forth tilty head" bobbing as she walked, munching a bite of hay, walking some more, munching more hay, and so on. Minnie and Lottie stopped for a short visit with Night Yard 2 gate, rubbing their faces and getting their mud masks just right before coming in to eat. All in all, a happy mud day was had by everyone.

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