January 30, 2014

In Honor of Minnie

Minnie in warmer weather
Minnie takes a dip during warmer weather.

It has been another cold, cold week at The Elephant Sanctuary. As such, the elephants have been spending much of their time indoors, soaking up the heat. Some have stepped out briefly to investigate, but have quickly returned inside.

The first three months of the year are full of arrival anniversaries (keep up with your 2014 Elephant Sanctuary calendar).  Last Sunday was Sissy’s anniversary, and this Friday is Minnie’s! We have a string of them coming up in February and early March, ending with Tarra and Flora’s (9 years apart) arrival anniversary on March 3.

But this week is Minnie’s week. Minnie, alongside Lottie, arrived on January 31, 2006. They were the first members of the “Caravan to Freedom” to arrive at The Sanctuary. Within ten days, six more elephants would arrive, nearly doubling the size of The Elephant Sanctuary’s population. Minnie, Lottie, Queenie, Liz, Debbie, Ronnie, Billie, and Frieda were all herd-mates at the Hawthorn Corporation center before arrangements were made for their transport to The Sanctuary. After decades of performing in circuses and being held in confinement, Minnie and her “sisters” finally had room to roam and plenty of open sky under which to do it. Lottie and Queenie are gone, but never forgotten, and the rest occupy their time grazing in the open meadows, splashing in their ponds, and socializing with old friends.

What is a day in Sanctuary like for Minnie? Look and see:

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