Nosey and Jana Continue to Interact

Exciting things have been happening at Asia Habitat!

Nosey has been very receptive to Jana's dominant nature, and the pair were seen interacting through their protected fencing for over an hour recently. Slow introductions are important for building long-lasting bonds, and The Sanctuary provides the freedom for the elephants to acclimate with each other at their own pace. Initial interactions are through protected barriers in the barn and within the habitat to help keep a respectful and safe distance until the elephants show signs of comfort with one another.

While Care Staff observed Nosey and Jana from a distance, ensuring they were both comfortable and at ease, they watched as Nosey allowed Jana to touch her back, legs, and tail. When Nosey began to gain more confidence and familiarity with how Jana would react, she turned toward Jana, and the two touched trunks. They exchanged tactile signals, trying to understand each other's intentions. Nosey put her trunk on her head and tusks up with an open mouth (which is known as amenable behavior), and Jana initiated some “friendly” sparring. When Jana stopped, Nosey gently brushed her with her tusks to encourage even more sparring! After a while, Jana seemed to tire and was content just to rest her head on the fence next to Nosey.

Care Staff is delighted by the progress and the friendship blossoming between Nosey and Jana. Staff will continue to create a nurturing environment for the elephants, ensuring they have ample time to spend together and providing enriching activities to strengthen their bond.

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