November 2, 2009

Tange and Flora have been very quiet, slowly going from one sunny spot to another. They even visited the Plateau for a couple of hours, only to return to the Barn and browse once more in one of their favorite sunny spots. They have also been enjoying pumpkins and a new treat of tomatoes at night feeds.
Last week when Sissy came back to the barn for a drink, Winkie stayed out in the habitat and continued to graze in a meadow.  That might not seem like much, but it’s actually wonderful.  Winkie drinks from puddles in the habitat, and when she comes back with Sissy for a drink, she doesn’t drink much, if any—she is coming back because Sissy is coming back.  In the past couple of weeks Winkie has taken steps forward with spending time with Shirley, and the interactions seem to have made her much lighter and to have strengthened her self confidence. Instead of following Sissy back to the barn, so she was not out of her line of sight, Winkie was confident enough to stay where she was and happily continue eating.  It is great that Winkie continues to grow into herself and is becoming more comfortable with the sweet, sensitive, and intelligent lady that she is.  And, of course, when Sis had finished drinking she joined Winkie in the high grass, basking in the sun.
All the Divas were pretty quiet last week.  Yes, even Minnie is quiet and stealthy when she adjusts the temporary hot wire to entertain herself, thus giving caregivers even more to do throughout the day. Large logs with roots are a favorite way to “adjust” temporary hotwire so that she can explore what the fence crew has been up to. She decided to redesign the new corral fencing that was in progress. During one of her explorations she pushed against a section of the new fencing. Unfortunately this section had not yet been concreted, so when the fence crew arrived the next morning they found some Minnie art—a section of the fence tilted to the side. All is well, however, as it took no time for the fence crew to straighten it back up while Minnie and Lottie enjoyed breakfast way out in field 7 where they were not distracted by those pesky people working in their habitat.  Ronnie and Debbie seem content as always, spending a good bit of time grazing the long grass on the hillside. Sometimes they even decide to head up into the pines toward the South Gate area, but are always back down near the barn for dinner. Again, priorities.
The Threesome are  still making use of the Phase I yard, all three spending time grazing down toward the hay barn, and Billie still wanders up into the woods toward the birds for browse and some quiet time.

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