October EleCraft: Carve an Elephant Pumpkin!

EleCrafts are simple activities for all ages to bring out the artist in you! This time around, we have a Halloween-themed craft to utilize all the pumpkins that have been sitting out as fall decor.

What You'll Need

  • Pumpkin
  • Carving knife or tool
  • Big spoon
  • Tape
  • Pencil
  • Paper (and printer!)
  • Candle (if using)

Safety First! Ask a parent or guardian to help you with your pumpkin carving tool or knife!


Step One: Prepare your pumpkin:

              • Cut off the top of your pumpkin with a carving knife. 
              • Using your hands or a big spoon, remove seeds and pumpkin guts!
              • Make sure to scrape out until the inside of the pumpkin is smooth.

              Step Two: Download and print the elephant stencil provided below, or you can draw your own!

              Step Three: Tape the entire elephant stencil to pumpkin, wherever you would like to carve.

              Step Four: Using a pencil (or something similar), poke along all edges of the black lines. Your pencil will poke through the paper and gently into the pumpkin, creating a dotted outline of the stencil.

              Step Five: Remove paper.

              Expert tip: Use a small knife to gently scrape the shape of the elephant’s eye and inner earmarks, but don’t poke all the way through the pumpkin in these two areas.

              Step Six: Using a carving knife, insert the knife along the dotted lines, carving out along the dotted lines to match what you see on the stencil.

              When finished, take a picture of your illuminated pumpkin and make sure to tag us on social media, using @theelephantsanctuary on Instagram or @elephantsanctuaryTN on Facebook!

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