Party for the Planet with The Sanctuary

Each year, The Elephant Sanctuary celebrates our earth and the diverse species that inhabit it by participating in Party for the Planet, a month of activities dedicated to reminding us of the role we each have in protecting nature, supporting the environment, and sustaining the future.

Elephants, too, have an essential role in their environments and are known as a keystone species. Without them, their ecosystem would be dramatically different or even cease to exist. Like elephants, humans are a keystone species and have an enormous impact on the ecosystem, carrying a great responsibility to keep the planet healthy for all. So, during this year’s Party for the Planet, we want to remind you that small changes to your daily habitats can make an enormous difference for the environment!

Starting with Earth Day (April 22) and leading up to Endangered Species Day (May 20), our goal is to engage The Sanctuary’s followers around the world to take action for the planet and for elephants. We will be sharing more each week about elephants’ vital role in the ecosystem, how The Elephant Sanctuary is doing its part, and how you can be a part of helping your community too. We will challenge you to connect with your natural habitat and practice conservation in your neighborhood with interactive activities week to week!


🌏 April 22: Earth Day
🌏 April 29: The Browser that Brings the Sun
🌏 May 6: The Digger that Makes the Watering Hole
🌏 May 13: The Grazer that Grows the Grass
🌏 May 20: Endangered Species Day

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