Sissy and Nosey's Halloween Monster Mash

Care Staff helped Nosey and Sissy celebrate Halloween at Asia Barn.

Since Jana's passing, supporters have asked about the effects a companion's loss can have on an elephant. Elephants indeed show signs of mourning, though their expressions of grief can vary from one individual to another. When Jana's passing occurred, Nosey was close by. Nosey gave Jana soft touches briefly before moving away. Sissy, who also resides at Asia Barn and Habitat, had not formed a strong bond with Jana and did not share much space with her, so Nosey was instead given access to Jana the entire duration before her burial. “Watching Jana’s relationship with Nosey grow from one of uncertainty to acceptance and even a budding friendship, where they sought out interactions with each other, was truly rewarding. We are honored to have known, cared for, and loved Jana,” says Sarah Fischel, Lead Caregiver at Asia Barn and Habitat.

The Sanctuary is grateful to report that Nosey is acclimating well, and, as we had hoped, Sissy has been staying close to Nosey, providing the companionship and support that Nosey may need during this challenging period.

Care Staff wanted to provide something special for the pair. Recently, Sissy and Nosey had a seemingly delightful time with the pumpkin enrichment provided by Staff in honor of Halloween. Since Sissy is typically a slow eater, Care Staff gave her the first chance to enjoy these “treats.” She made a beeline for her preferred white pumpkins, nudging the orange ones aside. Nosey, with her characteristic curiosity, joined in a few minutes later. Sissy playfully crushed Nosey's pumpkin, possibly checking for hidden surprises, while Nosey enthusiastically munched on both orange ones. As they dined, they shared their food while they playfully rumbled at each other.

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