Tis the Season for Holiday Enrichment

Holiday-themed enrichment has appeared all over The Sanctuary's habitats for the elephants to discover.

Billie celebrated with a present (filled with spinach, popcorn and bananas) and a cardboard star coated with marshmallow fluff and peppermint candies. She spent a long time picking peppermint candies off the star before putting the whole thing in her mouth.


Winkie, Sissy, Shirley, and Tarra discovered paper garlands and ornaments in their habitats full of hay, cookies, and candy canes. 




Tange, Hadari, and Flora received a Christmas tree made of stuffed boxes. They contained hay, scented paper, candy canes, and cranberries. They were decorated with painted toilet paper tubes and streamers. Sukari and Rosie received a gingerbread house made of stuffed boxes stuffed with the same treats. All the girls received a stocking made just for them with their names painted on them, stuffed with alfalfa and calfmanna pellets.



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