Billie's Recent Explorations

Recently, as spring unfolds in Tennessee, Billie took her first plunge of the season in the refreshing pond, a preferred warm weather activity for Billie, and has been spotted foraging amidst the fresh greenery and blossoming flowers.

Since the introduction of Billie's Breezeway at Q Habitat, Billie has been displaying remarkable signs of increased confidence in her exploration abilities. Historically, she has seemed to feel a bit anxious when venturing out of specific areas of her habitat. However, this season, she had her first opportunity to roam through a lush pasture known as the "60" and was observed choosing new areas to explore and new grasses to eat. Despite being the oldest elephant at The Sanctuary, at the impressive age of 62, Billie has been navigating her transitions smoothly, demonstrating her growing comfort and willingness to explore.

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