Jana Explores Sanctuary

One sunny afternoon, Jana decided to embark on a new adventure. She slowly made her way to the top of the "Middle Yard," a place she had never chosen to explore before. This area is filled with vibrant greenery and a forest stretching out in every direction. Jana appeared calm and engaged in this uncharted, elevated spot. Seeing her relaxed but active in this new area, Staff decided to offer Jana overnight access to the Middle Yard, a rare occurrence since she usually preferred to lie down and sleep in the northern part of habitat, conveniently named the "North Yard." Her comfort and curiosity had led her to a new part of The Sanctuary, and the staff wanted to honor that.

Jana has continued building a connection with her herd mates, Sissy and Nosey. Jana and Sissy explore each other with gentle touches through a protected barrier, while Jana and Nosey choose to meet after a full day exploring the Asia Habitat, sharing bites of their favorite foods and snacks, and engaging in 'friendly' sparring.

Opportunities such as these, offering extended habitats to explore and fostering enduring connections through social interactions, serve as poignant reminders of our mission's significance. We owe our heartfelt gratitude to the numerous generous supporters who enable the existence of Sanctuary.

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